Faro sp. z o.o.

Colour cosmetics
packaging manufacturer

Faro Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of plastic packaging for the cosmetics industry.
We produce and decorate packaging for eyelash and eyebrow mascaras, glosses, concealers and eyeliners.
We are a proven and reliable partner also with respect to products for private labels.

Eyelash Mascara

Create an individual package of mascara choosing from a huge selection of bottles and a wide range of application brushes.

Eyebrow Mascara

Choose a package for eyebrow mascara with a precision application brush.


A wide range of packaging for lip glosses and concealers offers many possibilities of creating a customized product.


Choose eyeliner and eyelash conditioner packages with the right brush tips and a hard stick.


Discover our decoration possibilities, be inspired to create your own projects.


We offer a large selection of applicators. Choose the right one for your product.

Private Label clear
Private Label

We carry out projects for custom-made finished cosmetics under the client's brand.


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